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Anthony Wilson 'Secretary of Defence'


Name: Anthony Wilson
Age: 27
Position: Defence
Team: Easton(Inline) Bears(Ice)
Shoot: As Hard as possible
Favorite Band: Tool
Favorite Animal: Leopard
Favorite TV Show: Espn all day.
Favorite Website: Cannot say
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Hockey Team: Oilers
Favorite Movie: Matrix
Favorite Actor: Robert Deniro
How long have you been playing hockey?
Ice 18 years - Inline 7 years


KB: If you were going to a fancy dress party what would you dress up as? Why?
AW: I would take off my shirt and go as Austin Powers. Have you been in the shower with me.
KB: If you were appearing on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' who would be your phone call? Why?
AW: Mark Gibson, he reads a lot and is very trivial.
KB: What is the worst thing your brothers/sisters did to you as a kid?
AW: Ate my food. I love my food.
KB: What number do you wear? Why?
AW: I wore 15 up until about 4 years ago and I started wearing 3. I was given 3 the first time I made the National Ice team and was going through a major dry spell, I decided to change. Its worked out for the best.
KB: Favorite all time Hockey Player? Why?
AW: Mario Lemieux. Big, smooth and looks like hes not trying, but he is just great to watch. I I I Love Himmmmm.
KB: Most Memorable Hockey Moment?
AW: Scoring my first goal for Long Beach Ice Dogs against Bakersfield.
KB: Give us a weird and whacky pre game superstition.
AW: Always Left Skate, Left shin Pad, Left elbow pad + left glove on first. And I never eat Bananas Game day+ No nookie game day either. Bad for the legs.
KB: You play both inline and Ice hockey. Which do you prefer and why?
AW: Ice most of the time, unless it is a big game for Inline or against a good team.
KB: Jon Moses recently descibed you as "The best defencman Australia has ever produced". How do you respond to this statement?
AW: I Thank him for his compliment but I think there are a lot of good players out there who are just scared to tap into their potential, and maybe there is no one who can show them how.
KB: You were named Captain of the Australian Team that recently went away to America for the World Championships. Was the trip different as Captain compared with other years when you didn't have the 'C'?
AW: Yes, I felt more responsibility as a leader, and especially since we took away 9 Rookies that all seemed to look at me when something was wrong or right. I was very privaliged and even though we had 9 rookies they made being the Captain fun, we had great chemistry.


KB: Who is the player in Australia that impresses you the most? Why?
AW: Michael Cassacelli, he plays like he is 6ft and 200lbs and he is only 5'10 and 115lbs. He gives all all the time, he loves pressure and is a great heads up player.I think that a lot of players should look up to him and watch and learn from him.
KB: Any advice for the junior players that look up to you?
AW: Yes, Skate hard, play the highest level possible all the time, don't play lower levels just to light it up. Get as much rink time as possible and don't waste it learning to shoot, learn to skate. The thing that stands out the most from when I grew up to now is that kids do not skate as much and therefore lack the second nature of it, pay for lessons, learn, get better and go play pro!
Thanks Willow!!!!!


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