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Stewy Collins


Name : Stu Collins Age: 18
Position: Centre
Team: Bruins (Pro League) and Raptors (Club Level)
Shoot: Right
Favorite Band: Saves the day, Lagwagon and Atari's
Favorite animal: DONKEY
Favorite TV Show: Baywatch
Favorite website:, and of course!!
Favorite food: Mum's casserole.
Favorite Hockey Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Favorite movie: Youngblood (Ms McGill), Gladiator
Favorite actor: Buce Willis
Pet Hate: Getting smoked by my Bro!! (Little)



PH: What hockey gear do you wear/prefer?
PH: How long have you been playing hockey?
SC: 6-7 years.
PH: How did you get involved?
SC: Played street hockey for a few years everyday after school with brother, Ant. Kept pushing parents and eventually it happened. Joined Hornets in '95.
PH: Do you play any other sports competitively?
SC: Long distance running for school and a Fun Run (Mountain to Surf each year). Have made it to state level a few times.
PH: Has this helped with your hockey?
SC: Yeah, it has definitely helped with my fitness level versus the other players. Being able to go all game without getting tired and also towards the end of a shift it definitely helps.
PH: What number do you wear?
SC: 77 and sometimes 7.
PH: These numbers have any significance?
SC: 7 has just always been lucky so I stick with it.
PH: Most memorable hockey moment?
SC: 2001 U18 Nationals in Sydney. We were beaten by WA 6-0 in the round robin before finals, we came back as underdogs to beat them in the Grand Final 4-3. I don't think our coach Jamie Edwards could believe it, he didn't say much, just sat there playing Tiger Woods golf with Johnny T with a huge grin on his face all night.
Most recently scoring my first goal for the Australian Sr team. I received a pass from Peter Petrides, the goalie stacked the pads and I put it upstairs on my backhand. I remember being in the corner celebrating saying to myself "I got one (Finally)"!!! I still have the puck!
PH: How was the trip to Florida with the Sr team?
SC: It was awesome. As one of the younger guys I was definitely a bit nervous going on the trip. The senior guys were really cool and made it a lot easier, especially the coach 'Mitch', Manager Wayne Sloan and captain 'Willow'. The hockey was unbelievable, it was like playing against 12 Jonny Mo's!
PH: What were the eventual winners, Finland, like to play against?
SC: Hard to put into words but 'Unbelievable' springs to mind. It was like they had the puck on a string and their shots were like well guided 'Rockets'.
PH: You play ice and inline. Which do you prefer?
SC: I would have to say inline because I am better at it. Ice is great, I have played for 2 years but feel Inline is where it is at in Australia. Comparing the Puckhandlers inline rink to the Ringwood ice rink says it all for me.
PH: Who are some of the players you least like playing against?
SC: The WA boys, Wilcox and Ballantyne. They are very fast and smart around the rinks in both offense and defense. It is a credit to them and the coaches in WA that they are so good.
Scott Kelly would have to figure in this answer somewhere!
PH: Who do you most enjoy playing with?
SC: Peter Petrides. We play a similar style and read each other well. I enjoyed playing with him overseas.
PH: At the end of your hockey career what would you have liked to have achieved?
SC: I would like to play on the Australian Team as we increase our world ranking, hopefully top 6 is within our reach. I would also like to play overseas at some stage for the experience and also look forward to coaching juniors in the future.


PH: What do you do in your spare time?
SC: Go surfing every few weeks with mates.
PH: How are your studies going?
SC: I have a simple philosophy, do as little homework as humanly possible to get by!
PH: What do you think players playing against you think of your game?
SC: I have no idea!! Possibly, "Little Shit" I get that a lot.
PH: What element of your game do you feel needs the most work?
SC: I think I lack strength on the puck and am in the process of trying to build it up. Shooting is another one, especially after watching the Finns pin point accuracy. Every time they shot it went off the post and then in!
PH: What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?
SC: I am doing year 12 at the moment and applying for Physical Education. Hopefully I will be a phys ed teacher or trainer.
PH: Advice to young players who look up to you?
SC: Listen to your coaches and work hard every game and training session. Most of all 'just have fun'!
PH: How did you feel about getting Rookie of the year in your first Pro League season?
SC: I surprised myself by topping the points scoring race for some of the season. It was a huge step up for me playing with the senior players I'd looked up to for the past few years. Playing with Velly (Bryan Vellacott) really helped - I don't think anyone has ever fed me the puck so much in my life. F**k he can shoot as well!
PH: You've recently been drafted to the Bruins in Pro League, what do you think of the change of scenery?
SC: I'm looking forward to playing on a team of this quality with players such as Jonny Mo, Ross Howell and Joseph (Black Panther) Nyamuka. Hopefully I'll fit in and play my best hockey with the club on our way to beating the Dogs to the premiership!
PH: Thanks Stuey.
SC: No worries mate.


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