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Pro Hockey League - Women



Women's Pro League

Congratulations to the Women’s Pro League players who were drafted into PHL teams, league commences on Wednesday Oct 15. Game times are 6:30 – 8:00pm each Wednesday night just before Men’s Pro League and Friday night prior to Masters 7:15 – 8:00pm. Please come down and support the players!!


The league has enormous potential and will expand and improve enormously over the next twelve months. We have a strong committee that are extremely proactive and keen to see women’s hockey blossom in Victoria. Thank you to Sue Smith, Chris Brophy, Helen Crawley, Steve Luxford, Sara Richards, Priscilla Cutter, Beck Collie, Nikky Cavanaugh, Kristy Costello, Liz Bauer and to the VILHA committee who have made it all possible up to this stage for the league.


Women's PHL Fixture!





Teams Lists Season 2003 - 2004


Bauer Reservoir Dogs

Red Star Bruins


Labeda Inferno

Beck Collie (C)
Chris Theophilos
Jo Schoof
Katherine Scherlein
Saya Lorback
Michelle Lamblin
Lauren Trewin
Chris Schiller
Chris Cockerell
Jordan Barnard
Tara Woods (G)
Brodie Taylor (G)

Priscilla Cutter (C)
Tina Griffin
Tara Gerahty
Anna Matus
Marissa De Souza
Gina Costello
Kylie Sketchley
Alexia Pol
Sarah Richards
Kristy Togni
Shannon O’Leary (G)
Amanda Berry (G)


Nikky Cavanaugh (C)
Georgie Moore
Maddy Meister
Tess Wilkinson
Nicole Smith
Ashlee Wannett
Sylvia Luis
Christa Sommers
Amber Stevens
Mel Bauer
Janece Wheeler (G)
Nicole Wellington (G)

Chris Taylor (Mngr)
Steve Luxford (Coach)

Sarah Richards (Mngr)
Joseph Nyamuka (Coach)

Sue Smith (Mngr)
Drew Carfrae (Coach)



Mission Snipers  
Kristy Costello (C)
Amy Kahl
Martha Zelazny
Tanya Crawley
Kerry Warmersley
Jess Andrews
Jess Antony
Denise McFarlane
Danielle Hoskin
Kath Willers
Amanda Powell (G
Helen Crawley (Mngr)
Kristy Costello (Coach)


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