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Pro Hockey League - Men



Pro League
The Pro Hockey League is going strong with an even higher calibre and more young players than last year. The games this season will be played on Friday and Saturday nights alternating between Puckhandlers Roller Sports Stadium and V.I.L.H.A.'s new facility The Centre, with games at both centres each weekend. The standard of play and professional approach by the league is unprecedented in Australia. If you havenít seen the action, come down and witness inline hockey played at itís top level, not to mention the players and league would appreciate an opportunity to showcase there talent in front of you. The admission prices to the P.H.L. are now only $2 - adults and $1 - 16 & under. Ask anyone who has witnessed them itís great entertainment value.




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Teams Lists Season 2003 - 2004


Mission Snipers   Red Star Bruins   Kuzak Inferno
Adam Richards
Scott Kelly
Dean Dunstan
Lee McLauchlan
Luke Carrig
Antony DeBoos
Michael Flaherty
Rob Gili
Julian Muldoon
Sean Jones
Peter Cederlund
Liam Webster
Cameron Moore (G)
Chris Leetham (G)
Jon Moses
Ross Howell
Trevor Baert
Cam McKay
Nick Young
Joseph Nyamuka
Stuart Collins
Luke Sevior
Justin Rundle
Dan Trewin
David Gracie
Matt Brent
Matthew Beatson (G)
Jeremy Muir (G)
Jonathon DeBoos
Jon Tsakmakis
Jamie Sketchley
Antony Collins
Ulf Wittl
Chris Stredder
Tim Ryan
David Large
Drew Carfrae
Peter Matus
Vinnie Hughes
Matt Bray
Michael Fortune (G)
Wylie Hodder (G)


Hyper Hyenas  

Bauer Dogs

Leigh Davies
Shaun Muller
Trenton Dalvean
Mark Beaulieu
Neville Woodall
Clark Wilson
Ben Batterham
James Muir
Luke McComb
Chris Pearson
Nick Briggs
Nathan Ross
Dan Fisher (G)
Alan Mitchell (G)



Daniel Gunn
Karl Bryan
Brian Vellacott
David Bzdel
Beau Barassa
Kevin Gillespie
Liam McKay
Matt Pearson
Travis Alabaster
Brad Taylor
Grove Bennett
Tim Borstner
Andy Kitchin (G)
Damian Holland(G)

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