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Karl's News Bench

13 March 2003  




Hi Folks,

Lots of news and views from ‘Australia’s favorite hockey website’ … Heaps to catch up on including the upcoming Junior and Senior Silver Cup dates, the fixture for the new Tuesday Night League and also a huge sale in the Puckhandlers Hockey Shop. Anyone out there looking for a one piece stick should contact us for a great deal as we have the largest range in Australia (CCM Vector, Louisville Response, Louisville Rubber Response, Easton Synergy Nike and Franklin Sceptor)! Prices start from $200 and they are selling like hot cakes!

Junior Silver Cup – The dates for the junior event are set for July 7 – 13. Players must play for their ‘club team’ in their age group and are then free to play in a composite team in the age group above if they wish. The tournament has heaps of interstate interest and will have 40 teams competing. The age groups for the tournament will be U10, 12, 14, 16 and 20. State players from the 2003 Nationals in Caloundra are not eligible to play in their respective age group. Many teams are already booked so if you are keen to participate make sure you get your team organized quick to ensure you and your team don’t miss out. The event will be aired on Channel 31 again!

Senior Silver Cup – Three divisions will split up the talent levels in the senior event, Paper, Bronze and Silver ($1,000 prize money). Dates are June 28 – July 6, interstate teams will only play July 3 – 6 and all games will be played outside ‘normal’ working hours. No Senior state or Pro league players are eligible to play.

Tuesday Night ‘Beer’ League – The Tuesday League has proved to be enormously popular for many of the hockey enthusiasts unable to play on weekends or looking for an extra game per week. There are ten teams entered in the league and two divisions to split up the talent levels. Anyone keen to play who doesn’t have a team can send me an email as I may be able to help. I am also looking for a goalie to fill in on one of the teams if anyone knows of someone interested. Teams entered are Tri Lams, Penetrators, Ladies State Team, Raptors, Generals, Tsunami, ‘Old Boys’, Stars, Boxers and Phoenix. Fixture is available on the home page at

TV Ratings – Channel 31 sent us out the ratings from our past Junior Silver Cup in January. Amazingly we had 5,000 TV sets tuned into our show for the recent event which is awesome! The show was aired a second time about two weeks later to fill a gap and had abother 3,000 sets tuned in! Some positive signs for the future and once again a big thank you to for their assistance making the TV show a hit.

Puckhandlers Gossip Board – As usual the Gossip Board has its usual interest and controversy… worth a read every so often to find out what is happening around Australia in the different hockey circles. The Australian Ice Hockey League fired up again recently and the games are always getting a bit of air time, always a good read!

Nike IIHL – The Interschool League ‘Uni Division’ was in for a bit of a shock this term when ‘Swinbourne University’ rolled up with Stewy Collins, Joseph Nyamuka and Peter McKay from the ‘Pro League’. Needless to say they pulled off the big win and for the first time the Monash Generals didn’t take out the division. IIHL dates for 2003 are as follows –

Junior Varsity
Varsity Div 1
Varsity Div 2
June 6th
April 4th
April 4th
June 13th
May 9th
September 12th
May 23rd
June 20th
August 22nd
August 29th
September 5th
August 15th

These tournaments will then be followed by the IIHL State Championships -

Junior Varsity
October 10th
October 24th
October 31st
November 7th

Anyone out there keen to get a day off school to play some inline hockey should contact or download all of the information off our website at Follow the links from the IIHL page.

Australian Nationals - The Australian Nationals were held in sunny Queensland this year on the Sunshine Coast. The tournament was fantastic with an excellent sports venue converted into an inline hockey rink for the week in Caloundra. Once again the talent on offer for the entire week was amazing from the Under 12’s all the way up to an extremely close Mens division. Every year I attend the Nationals I leave incredibly pumped as to the potential this sport has… the U12 grand final in particular was great with the Vic’s pulling off an upset win against the favored defending champs Queensland in the dyeing seconds (Puckhandlers regular Jamie Bourke scored the winner and also Kasper Hubiak and Josh McGuire deserve an honorable mention for playing a big game in the granny).


U12 – Victoria defeated Queensland

U14 – NSW defeated Victoria

U16 – Victoria defeated NSW

U20 – Queensland defeated Victoria

Ladies – NSW defeated ACT

Masters – Victoria defeated Queensland

Men – Victoria defeated Queensland in OT (Thank you Johnno DeBoos!)


Hockey Shop Sale – Prices slashed for the new season, check these prices out!!

Roller Hockey Skates
Ice Skates
One Piece Sticks!!
Mission R $289
Nike Quest 5 $369
Louisville Response $369
Louisville Response $369
Mission RL $359
Nike Quest 4 $549
Response Rubber $369
Louisville R2 $229
Mission RX $449
Nike Quest 2 $799
CCM Vector $359
Louisville R2 Knit $119!!!!!!!
Mission D-3 $649
Nike Quest 1 $899
Easton Synergy $359
Mission Qualifier $99
Mission D-2 $789
CCM Externo $229
Synergy Grip - $359
Mission M-3 $119
Mission D-1 $949
CCM 252 $349
Franklin Sceptor $359
Mission M-2 $149
D-1 Ltd $Call
CCM 452 $449
Franklin 7055 $199!!!
Mission M-1 $299
CCM Bandit $299
CCM 652 $499
Wooden Sticks
Nike Quest 1 $349
CCM Rush $449
CCM Ext E 50 $899
Louisville Inertia $89
Nike Quest 2 $299
CCM Maverick $699
CCM 1152 $1,049
Louisville Omega $79
Nike Quest 3 $169
CCM Outcast $850
Easton Magnum $169
Louisville XLite $69
Bauer Supreme 5000 $349
Tour 24TY $179
Easton Octane $299
CCM V20 $49
Bauer Supreme 3000 $309
Tour G30 $349
Easton Ultra Lite $439
CCM V30 $59
Bauer HG 500 $139
Tour G40 $449
Easton Air $879
CCM V50 $79
Bauer HG 300 $129
Tour G60 $639
Easton ZAir $1,199
Easton Ultra ABS $49
Tour G80 $939
Bauer Vapor 1 $269
Easton Classic $49
Louisville TPS Pro $89
Tour G90 $1100
Bauer Vapor 10 $899
Easton ZCarbon $79
Louisville R2 Gold $169
Nike Quest 1 $799
Mission Fly $349
Jofa 5500 $39
Louisville Gold Stick Bag $55
Bauer Breakout $149
Mission High Fly $529
Jofa 7500 $49
Louisville XHale Goalie $119
Bauer Rocker 1 $399
Mission Pure Light $779
Jofa 8045 $69
CCM Cargo $89
Bauer Rocker 2 $499
Mission Pure Fly $899
Jofa 8050 $89
Bauer Jr Bag $69

Everything is priced to go including a huge range of second hand equipment. If you would like to purchase anything or enquiring about a price, please send through an email to for an immediate reply. Goods will be sent same day for quick delivery.

That is it for this edition of the News… archives for the newsletters can be found on the ‘Karl’s News Bench’ page of the website for anyone looking to see them. Hope to see everyone at our upcoming tournaments in June/July which should be a lot of fun and if you are interested in nominating a team please contact me soon as the spots are limited in both of the events. Please pass this information on to anyone who might be interested in the content.

Thanks for tuning in,

Karl Bryan

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