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20 August 2003  




Hi Folks,

Lots of news and views from ‘Australia’s favorite hockey website’ . Heaps of new and exciting events including the upcoming ‘September Junior Silver Cup’, new ‘Super League’ for women and over 30 elite hockey players, ‘Senior Silver Cup’ results and dates for January, info and dates on next season’s ‘Tuesday Night’ social league, ‘U11 Puckhandlers Development League’ info and dates, IIHL Interschool dates, September hockey schools, Pro League tryouts, Puckhandlers Hockey Shop monthly specials including the ‘Nike Skate Blow Out Sale’ and our Puckhandlers Guinness World Record for the world’s longest hockey game which starts September 23 and runs through to?? Book your place in the history books!

September Junior Silver Cup – The Junior Silver Cup is once again fast approaching! TV’s Channel 31 have picked it up again after our ‘ratings bonanza’ (9,000 TV sets tuned in) from the last episode thanks to . Teams from South Australia, Tasmania are booked in all age groups as well as a couple from NSW and many players from Queensland making the trek down. Dates are Sept 29 – Oct 5 and age groups are U10, 12, 14, 16 and 20. Please note teams must be confirmed by Sept 7. Any players without a team must contact me asap to be listed in the tournament. Look forward to seeing everyone at the event…

September Hockey School – Tuesday Sept 23rd and Wednesday Sept 24th.
U10 and 12’2’ - 10am – 12:30 (both days)
U12’1’ and 14’s - 1:30 – 4:00pm (both days)
Senior Players - 7:00 – 9:30pm (both days)
Cost is $75 per player.

Senior Silver Cup – The senior contingent of the silver cup series was once again a roaring success. All teams played heaps of hockey and we had more teams and players than ever participating. The tournament witnessed some enormous upsets, especially in the $1,000 Silver Cup final where Team Easton knocked off the undefeated Rangers. Results were as follows:

Winners – Bulldogs
Runners Up – Mother Puckers
MVP – Mars Bar (Bulldogs)
Popular Choice – Beth Rush (Eltham High)
Best Defence – Marthese ‘Killer’ Kavanaugh (Mother Puckers) & Danica Spratt (Bulldogs)
Best Goalie – James Doulis (Mother Puckers)
Most Assists – James Chircher (Mother Puckers) & Mick Dawson (Rangers)

Winners – Hobart Islanders
Runners Up – Rangers
MVP – Wes Park (Hobart Islanders)
Popular Choice – Kristi Togni (Goils)
Best Defence – Jason Willmott (Hobart Islanders)
Best Goalie – Amanda Berry (Phoenix)
Most Assists – Nick Antony (Rangers)

$1,000 Silver
Winners – Team Easton
Runners Up – Rangers
MVP – Kevin ‘The Kiwi’ Gillespie (Rangers)
Popular Choice – Mark Scheppeltz (Hobart Islanders)
Best Defence – Roland Weber (Team Easton)
Best Goalie – Travis Gatt (Team Mayhem)
Most Assists – Nick Harry (Rangers)

January Senior Silver Cup – Dates are January 10 – 11 and January 15 – 18. Start getting your teams together now and send them through. The divisions will once again be Paper, Bronze and $1,000 Silver.

Women’s ‘Super League’ – Puckhandlers is starting a Women’s league for elite female players. The selection camp will be held at Puckhandlers on September 19 at 7pm and then the league kicks off Oct 8 and season 1 runs through to December 1st. Season 2 fires up December 10 and runs through to March 24. On December 19th an ‘All Star Game’ will be played in conjunction with our ‘Puckhandlers Christmas Party’. Anyone interested should contact me regarding the selection camp and league outline via email. The enthusiasm shown thus far as been incredible and will be a huge success! Please pass this info on to anyone who may be interested.

Puckhandlers U11 Development League – This league has proved an awesome vehicle to blood new players into the regular VILHA state competition from my weekly development classes. In its first season we have attracted teams from Eltham, Mordialloc, Lilydale, Bayswater and of course our local contingent, the league has been great and all kids participating are improving out of site. The league fires up again for summer on Oct 11 and runs each Saturday thru to March 20th between 10 am – 12:15pm. Season 2 already has a new team ‘Northern Stars’ (will make six) booked in and any other teams or players keen to join in please send through an email and we will organise from there.

Players are reminded Saturday development classes 9 – 10am are only $7. Great value!!

Over 30 ‘Super League’ – Puckhandlers is running an elite league for the ‘older fellas’ which will kick off Friday Oct 17 and will run through to March 26. This league will also have an ‘All Star Game’ December 19th in conjunction with our ‘Puckhandlers Christmas Party’. Anyone interested in being drafted to a team should contact me via email or see me in the hockey shop. Please pass this info on to players who may be interested.

Summer Tuesday Night Social League – The League has been a lot of fun this winter and provided an extra game per week for keen players and also a place to play for those unavailable on weekends. It has also created an opportunity for new players to jump in and have a go in our division 2 level while being competitive. Teams keen to nominate for the summer season must get in asap as spots are going quick and we can only have a limited number due to obvious time restrictions. Summer dates are Oct 15 thru to March 16 (15 rounds plus finals). Email for more details.

Nike IIHL dates – Term 4 dates are Varsity Aug 22 and Uni Comp Aug 29. Victorian State Championships will be held for Varsity on Oct 10 and Uni Competition Oct 17. Book in quick!

Puckhandlers ‘Guinness World Record’ – We will be hosting the ‘World’s Longest Hockey Game’ at Puckhandlers on Saturday Sept 20 starting at 9am sharp through to Sunday Sept 21. Anyone who would like to take part please let me know. First in best dressed and keep in mind we only have 14 skaters and 2 goalies on each team in order to break the long standing record. If you would like to have your name in the history books get in quick as many have already booked their spot. You must be 14 years or older and anyone under 18 must have a consent form filled out by their parents. Email me for more details.

Pro League tryouts – All players bucking for a spot in the Pro League must get down to tryouts on Thursday Sept 18th. All teams are looking for a couple players to pick up in the draft so if you are keen do not miss out. Lots of young talent becoming eligible this season as well as a few new imports looking to make their mark in the countries best Roller Hockey League. The season kicks off Wednesday Oct 15 and runs through to March 24.

Puckhandlers Christmas Party – Book in Friday December 19th in the old diary for a rip snortin Christmas party ‘Puckhandlers style’. We will have Women’s, Over 30 and Pro League All Star games as well as Carries famous bbq chicken wings, more beer then you can shake a stick at as well entertainment for the whole family (drunk parents and hockey players… ha ha ha). Would be great if everyone can make it, last couple years have been heaps of fun!

Puckhandlers Hockey Shop

Trade in your old dodgy hockey skates for a guaranteed $300 trade in at Puckhandlers on Nike Quest 1, trade them in for guaranteed $200 off Quest 2 and guaranteed $100 off Quest 3 !!! Limited stock available so get in quick. 30 pairs in stock now.

Roller Hockey Skates Ice Skates One Piece Sticks!! Gloves
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Mission R $289 Nike Quest 1 $899 Easton Synergy $359 Mission Qualifier $99
Mission RL $359 CCM Externo $229 Synergy Grip - $359 Mission M-3 $119
Mission RX $449 CCM 252 $349 Franklin Sceptor $359 Mission M-2 $149
Mission D-3 $649 CCM 452 $449 Franklin 7055 $199!!! Mission M-1 $299
Mission D-1 $949 CCM 652 $499 Wooden Sticks Nike Quest 1 $349
Mission D-2 $789 CCM Ext E 50 $899 Louisville Inertia $89 Nike Quest 2 $299
Tour 24TY $179 CCM 1152 $1,049 Louisville Omega $79 Nike Quest 3 $169
Tour G30 $349 Easton Magnum $169 Louisville XLite $69 Bauer Supreme 5000 $349
Tour G40 $449 Easton Octane $299 CCM V20 $49 Bauer Supreme 3000 $309
Tour G60 $639 Easton Ultra Lite $439 CCM V30 $59 Bauer HG 500 $139
Tour G80 $939 Easton Air $879 CCM V50 $79 Bauer HG 300 $129
Tour G90 $1100 Easton ZAir $1,199 Easton Ultra ABS $49 Bags
CCM Bandit $299 Bauer Vapor 1 $269 Easton Classic $49 Louisville TPS Pro $89
CCM Rush $449 Bauer Vapor 10 $899 Easton ZCarbon $79 Louisville R2 Gold $169
CCM Maverick $699 Mission Fly $349 Jofa 5500 $39 Louisville Gold Stick Bag $55
CCM Outcast $850 Mission High Fly $529 Jofa 7500 $49 Louisville XHale Goalie $119
Bauer Breakout $149 Mission Pure Light $779 Jofa 8045 $69 CCM Cargo $89
Bauer Rocker 1 $399 Mission Pure Fly $899 Jofa 8050 $89 Bauer Jr Bag $69

That is it for this edition of the News… archives for the newsletters can be found on the ‘Karl’s News Bench’ of the website for anyone interested. Hope to see everyone at our upcoming tournaments/events in the near future which will all be a lot of fun. If you are interested in nominating a team or to join an existing side please contact me soon as the spots are limited in all the upcoming events. Please pass this information on to anyone who might be interested in the content.

Thanks for tuning in,

Karl Bryan

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