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Want to learn to Play?


Anyone keen to have a go at inline hockey should come to junior development, perfect for all ages. The classes are designed for beginners or those looking to improve their inline hockey fundamentals.
Skating, Passing, Shooting, Speed, Basic Playmaking, Defence, Forward positioning, Scoring and Hockey Stance are the basics that are covered at al the classes.

If you are looking to improve or know someone that you would like to introduce to the sport come to one of the Puckhandlers hockey clinics.

In a nutshell if you are serious about your hockey and want to continue to improve, basic fundamental training is mandatory. It is one thing to improve through the ranks and become a solid ‘1’s player and it an entirely different thing to move through and become one of Australia’s best. The difference is the basics. You need to try and perfect them in order to allow your game to continue to improve passed a rating of excellence. One thing separates the elite from the excellent, BASICS.


Here is a list of players who continued their basic development well passed their initial introduction to the sport:


Johnno DeBoos Australian Senior Team 2000

Stuey Collins Australian Under 16 Team Best Forward 2000 Nationals

Lliam Webster Captain Under 12 State Team. MVP, HPS, Best Defence 1999 Nationals

Ant DeBoos Captain Under 18 Australian Team 2000

Nick Young Pro Beach Hockey 1999

Chris James U12 State Team, MVP Nationals 2000

Chris Stredder Asst. Captain Under 18 Victorian Team 2000

Matt Beatson Goalie Under 20 Australian Team 1999, 2000

Wylie Hodder Goalie Australian Senior Team 2000

And many, many more examples through the age groups.

See you at a clinic soon!

Please telephone for all information and prices, see our Contact Us page.


Saturday 9 - 10am & Tuesday 5.30 - 6.30pm every week!



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